Having Marital Trouble? It Might Be Time for a New Career!

Having Marital Trouble? It Might Be Time for a New Career!

Posted on Friday, November 24, 2017

If your marriage has been exhibiting signs of strain lately, you might fix it by undertaking a new career search.

Many job conditions can create strains in a marriage.

Jobs Can Have a Negative Impact on a Marriage

After all, jobs are where you spend a lot of your waking hours. If you work a used-to-be-standard 8-hour day, for example, that is likely about half your waking hours. If you work the long hours that are increasingly expected, plus have a commute, you may spend most of your time at work, with little time to be with your spouse.

So if your job is stressful or making you unhappy, you might be taking that out on your spouse without even realizing it. You could be angrier than usual. You might carry over your boss’s habit of criticism to your family. You might complain to the point where your spouse wants to seek counseling.

Plus, the very fact of long hours can impact your marriage negatively. You may end up with nothing to talk to your spouse about other than work! You may seldom do enjoyable things together. Being away for long periods of time can weaken a marriage in many ways.

Finally, the economic conditions of your job may negatively affect your marriage. If you are not making enough to pay the bills, you and your partner may be stressed and unhappy about it. Even if you are not perceived as making enough, or having enough vacation time, your spouse may be critical and unhappy.

So if any of these factors — career unhappiness, long hours, or low pay — are causing your marriage to go downhill, it is time for a change.

Expectations for long hours can drive spouses apart.

Best Jobs for Marriages (and the Worst)

Are there any particular positions with a low divorce rate? Yes.

The three positions in the United States with the lowest divorce rates are:

  1. Actuaries, with a 17 percent divorce rate
  2. Physical scientists, with a nearly 19 percent divorce rate
  3. Medical and life scientists, with a more than 19 percent divorce rate

Conversely, the three positions with the highest divorce rates are:

  1. Gaming managers (i.e., managers of casinos and so forth), with a whopping divorce rate of nearly 53 percent
  2. Bartenders, with an over 52 percent divorce rate
  3. Flight attendants, with a more than 50 percent divorce rate

If you qualify for positions in industries with low divorce rate, great! But even if you do not, some generalizations may be made from these statistics that will help both your marriage and your job search.

First, actuaries are in the business of measuring risk. It is likely, therefore, that actuaries tote up the benefits and risks of the person they are marrying and of their marriage before getting hitched. It is a good idea to do the same and to do the same all over again before any divorce talk.

Second, scientists are in the habit of looking at data to draw conclusions. Again, do the same! Look at the data to see what affected your marriage. Then use that data to improve it.

In other words, If it is stressful conditions, look to get a job where the stress will be lower. If it is long hours, get a shorter commute or a job that does not require long hours. If you do not make enough money, scour the want ads for jobs that pay more.

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