Should You Cover Your Tattoos for Your Interview?


You love your ink, and it has special meaning for you. It might have an entirely different meaning for a potential employer. Tattoos may seem more mainstream today than they did a few decades ago, but that doesn’t mean that you have the green light to show off your Greek symbol or fire-breathing dragon at your next job interview. If you have some tattoos and aren’t sure how to approach interviews from job postings, here are a few tips.

10 Great Jobs that Don’t Require You to Have a College Degree


You don’t need a college degree to get a great job. Not only are there a number of jobs out there that don’t require a bachelor’s degree, there are many that pay very well.

It’s also worth mentioning that college degrees are hardly routes to financial security. College students are increasingly taking on massive student loan debt to obtain a degree.

Seeking Job Stability? Consider These Industries


Still, a robust employment picture means robust hiring, for the most part. It doesn’t tell job seekers whether or not they can expect job stability. In fact, given all the emphasis on the gig economy in recent years – jobs in which people contract for specific piecemeal jobs, such as Uber drivers – job seekers may be wondering whether job security is a thing of the past.

The Six Habits of Successful Job Seekers


When you’re involved in a career search, obviously you want to make sure it’s as successful as possible. But even if it feels like you’re doing everything right, you may be pursuing less than fully successful strategies. Successful job seekers do certain things when pursuing a career search. What are they?

How to Network Like a Professional


In a career search, it’s likely that you search job postings and send in resumes. A surprising number of people, though, never network. Networking is one of the most important pieces of any career search. It’s where people connect to people who may know of unadvertised job postings. Networking is also

7 Reasons Business Cards Aren’t Dead


Yes, we’re living in a digital age, but that doesn’t mean traditional business practices are now considered old school. Take business cards, for example. If you think that they’re no longer relevant in today’s business world, you may be missing some valuable opportunities. Here are just seven reasons why business cards still matter. 1. A Faster Way to Exchange Contact Info. Sending your contact information to someone

Should You Write a Thank You Email to Your Interviewer?


You got an interview as a result of looking through job opportunities. The interview went well. Next step: should you write an email to your interviewer(s) to thank her or him? The answer is clear. Yes, you should send a thank you email to your

6 Steps for Effectively Navigating a Career Change


If you’re yearning for a career change, you’re not alone. It’s a common misconception that most people in the workforce pick a career in their 20s and are stuck with it for the duration. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the average

4 Must-Have Tools for Your Career Search


Everyone needs tools to accomplish a job. If you’re a carpenter, you need a hammer and nails. If you’re a call center worker, you’ll need a telephone. What tools are best for a successful career search? What tools do you need